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In my opinion, the key to successful blogging is to:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise in a generous, thoughtful way.  SHARE DON’T SELL.
  2. Show your personality, have an opinion and write about topics that are of interest to you and your target audience – Corporate marketing belongs on your website
  3. Include plenty of “calls to action”.  Guide your readers in to engaging with you and be prepared to utilise social media yourself.

In part 1 I shared the first part of my presentation to members of The Business Club Cambridge which focused on deciding on your blogging style.  In this post, the emphasis will be on generating ideas that add interest, provoke thought and engage your audience.

Building Trust in your field of work

Writing posts that demonstrate your expertise, experience, authority on a subject will help earn kudos and differentiate you from your competitors.  I find it also enhances my own personal CPD.

To make these posts successful, ensure you do more than regurgitate facts.  For example, include your personal view point or explain a recent, relevant circumstance or how the information you are sharing has helped your or a client of yours.

Specialist Subjects

Your sector will be full of interesting information, new products/services, events, research and development that you could blog about.  Mosts sectors have magazines or news sites devoted to them.

Remember not to get too technical, you are writing for your target audience not your industry peers.  If you are writing about something technical, rather than focus on the detail, discuss its application to SME’s or other relevant demographic so that is can be interesting to your social media audience.

The aim is to give away enough information to be seen as a specialist worth approaching.  Jargon will leave people thinking that you can not communicate on their level and don’t forget to add personality to your writing, you are composing a blog not a thesis.

Current Affairs

General subjects as local news, social media, gadgets and travel are always popular and can help break up your blog and give you the opportunity to voice an opinion.

How political and/or controversial you are is completely dependant on the style you chose to adopt (see part 1) in order to engage your target audience, but please avoid distasteful subjects, ethical issues and inappropriate language.

To search for ideas, look at the blogs you read, the mainstream news sites, Linked in and Twitter.  Obviously you don’t want to copy other peoples ideas or work, but often reading will spark inspiration or a desire to share your point of view. Think about how the current affair will affect you personally or your industry; perhaps you have a solution or an alternative.

If you are still struggling, have a browse around or a similar blog listing site.

Business Experiences

Why not blog about what you have achieved in the past week/month/year?  A little bragging can go along way provided it is not too egotistical.  It can help potential customers to understand who you are and how you can help them.

Case studies can showcase your work and demonstrate the type of clients you are engaged with as well as provide an opportunity for users of that product/service to add uninitiated testimonials.

Or how about publishing frequently asked questions? Or perhaps bizarre questions your clients have asked you!  Many of the posts you will find on this blog are a result of questions I have been asked.  Once I have constructed the answer, it doesn’t take much time to publish it.

Guest Authors

If your target market needs a broad range of information (or you are simply bereaft of inspiration) why not source a guest blogger, after all you can not be an expert in everything.  Most bloggers and networkers would be flattered to be approached and the back links, additional traffic and strong relationships than can be built are invaluable.

In summary

Blogging can be a time consuming marketing activity, so above all else you need to stick to your plan and remember the 3 points I opened this post with.

Inspiration for content is all around us, just open your eyes and ears.

The information provided in this blog illustrates my opinions and experiences, it does not constitute advice and I do not accept responsibility for any actions taken or refrained from as a result of reading this post.

If you found this post interesting/useful please share it with your social network and/or bookmark it.  Also, your comments are always valued and will help me to write new posts that are relevant to readers of this blog.

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