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The key to weight management is to eat healthily and keep active. We all know that, don’t we?

So why are so many of us overweight? My opinion on this is simple, stressful lifestyles! The food we buy is lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals we need due to intense farming and prolonged storage, busy lives provide time constraints that ensure we are overworked and even when we have got some leisure time we are so tired we can not bear the thought of shopping and preparing good ingredients or (heaven forbid) do some exercise out in the fresh air!

Leading up to my pregnancy I gained weight but it didn’t seem to bother me. After my son was born my aging skin looked awful and saggy. All my clothes fit badly and I felt ‘blobby’ and unhappy. So I embarked on a weight loss programme; those of you who are facebook friends will have seen my daily diary where I lost half a stone in two weeks and have given myself another two and a bit weeks to lose another. A stone in a month isn’t bad is it? So I do speak from experience when I say, it can be done and for me the key to staying motivated is ENERGY.

Standard diets often leave you craving naughty food because you are hungry, lacking in key nutrients and feeling low. To stay positive when you feel tired and depressed is incredibly difficult. I can honestly say that on the Forever Nutri-Lean programme I have never felt hungry and my poor skin condition has improved too because of the cleansing process.




A kick start to a healthier you

The nutri-lean programme starts with a 9-day kick start designed to rid you of toxins, break bad eating habits and clean your gut so that you can absorb more of the goodness from your food and expel the less favourable more efficiently.

After the 9-day detox, you begin to reintroduce your normal eating patterns but keeping to a calorie plan that suits your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which your body converts calories in to energy whilst at rest).


My keys to success are:

  1. Plan for success. Write down your goals, make sure they are realistic and make sure you understand at what point you are starting. Be HONEST!
  2. Keep to the routine suggested by Forever and carry on taking any other supplements you are currently using to benefit your health.
  3. Don’t weigh and measure yourself every day. Other factors will cause weight to fluctuate and you don’t want this to knock your motivation. For example, I usually weigh 2lb more in the evening than in the morning (and for girls, your weight can vary throughout your cycle)
  4. If you feel hungry, check that you are taking the correct amount of Garcinia at the right times.
  5. If you feel tired or lacking energy, take additional bee pollen tablets. These are a fabulous superfood that will give you a boost without sugar or caffeine.
  6. EXERCISE there’s no getting away from it, you can not expect your body to function properly if you do not use your muscles and get oxygenated blood circulating through your system. Don’t forget your heart is a muscle that needs exercise. Whilst you are trying to lose weight you need to fit in 20 minutes per day. This doesn’t have to be aerobic, anything that raises your heart-rate above its rest rate is good, so walk to work, take the stairs, play with the kids in the garden, you get the idea. If you can, 1/2 an hour of vigourous exercise twice a week will do wonders for your energy levels, motivation and inch loss.

I wish you the very best with your weight management, but above all I wish for you to be happy and healthy.

Best Regards, Toni

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