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If you are planning to treat your employees to a festive event, take care not to create a taxable benefit, that would certainly make your event expensive for both your business and your staff – Bahh Humbug!

The rules clearly state that employers can spend up to £150 a head annually on staff events, not a penny more. If the total cost of the event (including travel, accommodation etc) divided by the number who attended equates to £150.01 the whole amount is taxable.

The £150 is inclusive of VAT and can be spent on one or more events in the tax year.  The type of event you chose is not an issue, but all employees must be invited and it must be considered an annual event.  So a one-off party to celebrate a retirement for example does not qualify.

Unfortunately, you need to plan and budget carefully.  Its a delicate balance between being a generous, hospitable boss and playing Scrooge.

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