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Once again, we’re being told that most of us (77%) feel we’ve chosen the wrong career. (And 33% are bored at work.)

A guest post by Liz Lyon of  Design the Future Coaching and RISE Business Circle

Living for the weekend?

159/365. Agony.I know I go on about this a lot but I get very annoyed that so many people see their work as something that has to be got through 5 days a week so that they can do their real living on Saturday and Sunday.

OK, we can all have off days – days when we wonder why we bother – when it’s only the need for an income that keeps us going.

What bugs me is that it’s become part of the culture to see work as an irritating and inescapable interruption in the enjoyment of life.

Radio DJs, for example, regularly commiserate with us on the direness of Monday morning; they applaud when we’ve got as far as Wednesday lunchtime and it’s all downhill to the weekend and they celebrate the arrival of Friday and being able to shake the dust of the office (or wherever) off our feet.


5your time is a valuable resource days out of 7 is around 70%: do we really want the norm to be that most of us feel trapped and depressed for 70% of our week?

Is there some hideous conspiracy by sinister authority figures to make us believe that it’s the only way things can be? Keeping the masses down by making them trudge through their working lives?

Time for change?

j0433028It’s time to fight back! Time to challenge the restrictions and start looking at exactly what it is that will make your career as satisfying, rewarding and fun as it can be.

What really excites you in the rest of your life?

What work could you do that would incorporate that?

If it doesn’t already exist, could you create it?

Do you really want to spend most of your life wishing it away?

There’re lots of books and professional help out there: what could you achieve with a small investment of time, energy and money?


LizLook for someone who’s already achieved the kind of life you want and do a little investigating into how they did it: what tips and strategies can you pick up to help you?

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