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Media Trust, a function of the Community Voices program at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), was organised to provide charities and volunteer organisations across the UK with resources, training, and assistance with communications and the distribution and broadcast of their current events news.

New Grant Program

Their new £250,000 grant program aims to inspire, engage and support disadvantaged and isolated communities to get their voices heard through digital media, and promises to be a boon to the many wonderful efforts of a wide variety of social enterprises.

The initiative offers grants from £1,500 to £61,000 for such assistance to programs based in England.

Two-Phased Approach

The two-phased approach begins with grants offered during the next few weeks ending 28 February 2010, and continues toward the end of this year with a second phase of funding. A total of 27 grants will be offered as of this writing.

At the launch of the program, Media Trust Marketing and Communications Services Director Gavin Sheppard said:
We are extremely excited to begin the process of allocating grants to communities where a fully interactive and inclusive digital project could have a real impact on the lives of individuals and on the wider communities in which they live.

Enhancement of Communications in the 3rd Sector

Funding will advance Media Trust’s vision that everyone should have a voice and the opportunity to be heard, and their mission to work with media organisations and charities to enhance their communications and enable communities to find their voice and make it heard. CAF, Community Voices and Media Trust can all be found at Facebook and Twitter.

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