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If you think Disaster Recovery procedures are a waste of time or too expensive for small businesses, think again.  Fellow Business Club, Cambridge member Neil from Safebox explains that simple and cost effective solutions are available.

It’s not going to happen to me…

3D Character and ChanceIf you see in the press that a company has burnt down or flooded, let’s be honest, the reaction is “poor things” for about a nanosecond then it’s back to work.  How many of us carry on regardless thinking, well that’ll never happen to me.  You’re right, it probably won’t but let me ask you this, do you buy a lottery ticket?  I’ll assume that the majority of us do and ask you to think about why you buy one, apart from the obvious potential of getting showered in millions of pounds.

“Because you never know, it might be me –  someone has to, don’t they?”

Protect your business; take disaster recovery planning seriously

Your business affords you your current lifestyle and if you suffered a total data loss for whatever reason, that lifestyle is immediately snatched away from you. This will affect sole traders, SME’s through to multi nationals, not to mention the regulatory bodies and frustrated customers and creditors that start banging on your door. Disaster recovery planning is an essential part of your business continuity and needs to be taken seriously.

A price to pay for piece of mind?

One solution is to store a Disaster Recovery Box which will contain everything you need to “get going” after a data loss, speak to us and we’ll be happy to quote, but it will be a lot less than you think.  Certainly less than the cost of replacing the data you’ve lost!  Storing in the region of 50 archive boxes for just £35.00 plus VAT per month.

Fancy your chances?

But if you don’t plan against the unknown, don’t worry, Saturday’s a rollover and you’ve got that ticket in the kitchen drawer!

 Safebox:  Your information is our business.

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When asked why I choose to work a MLM business alongside my accountancy career, my answer is simple.

  1. I meet, and get the chance to help, a variety of people from all walks of life
  2. I love the products and enjoy learning about health and nutrition
  3. It is quite different from traditional business (but utilises similar skills) creating a sense of balance
  4. The team environment is great, we are all running our own business but share ideas, documents and personal triumphs
  5. By helping others to create a lifestyle of their choosing, I am developing a lifestyle of my choosing.

Why Forever?

This was an easy decision.

Forever Living Products is an amazing, privately owned organisation that is ethical, stable and generous. The training is first class, the products are of the highest quality and the people involved are inspirational.  There are no annual fees or minimum activity committments and no door to door brochure deliveries/collections.  Forever provides a proven system that allows you the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE when, where and with whom you work.

Why Hunters’ Health and TeamSuccess?

TeamSuccess is a group of  independant businesses such as Hunters Health, that work as a TEAM.

We are all different in personality and lifestyle.  Some of us have small children, some have full time jobs, others are working their business full-time and some are working towards a retirement plan.  BUT, we all have one thing in common – We have CHOSEN SUCCESS.

Hunters’ Health is run by myself and my husband, Julian.  We are committed to helping people take control of their health and wealth and ultimately their future.

  • Between us we have over 25 years of business experience, in various trades, banking and finance, accountancy, retail and customer service
  • We have extensive experience in networking both on and offline
  • We provide one-to-one coaching and planning sessions to make sure the members of our team achieve their aspirations
  • We facilitate group training sessions when the team requests them
  • We use tried and tested techniques that anyone can learn and adopt –  I promise you, it’s not rocket science!
  • We manage several modes of communication including e-mail/telephone/Skype and a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions, find links to information and chat with other team members, ensuring you are never alone.
  • We have an amazing upline, that includes our good friend and mentor,  Julie Buck who is always on hand to offer support and lead by example; and ultimately the number 1 distributor in the UK, Jayne Leach who is generating income in excess of £1m per year.

Why YOU?

  • Are you self-motivated and ready to CHOOSE SUCCESS?
  • Are you prepared, with our guidance, to work hard and smart for at least 3 hours per week?
  • Are you open-minded and willing to learn?

Whether you would like a little bit of spare cash or the equivalent of a full-time salary,  we can develop a home-based business to suit you.

Perhaps you would like to finance your children’s education, pay for a holiday or plan for retirement?  May be you have had a career break and would like to take advantage of our world class personal development training? May be you just like the idea of generating a substantial, willable income that finances your dreams!

Whatever, your reason…..

Just decide and take action;

Choose success and we will show you a way to make your plans a reality.

For more information, contact me by ‘phone, email or Skype, find us on Facebook and/or sign up to our newsletters using the ‘join my lists’ widget on the top right of this page.

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