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HMRC reveals that 7.65 million Self Assessment Tax Returns were filed online in time this year, with an overall  total of 9.45 million returns  submitted in time.

Record Numbers

90.4% of  taxpayers met the deadline – an increase of 4% on last year – the highest on-time filing result since HMRC was created.

The busiest day for online returns was 31 January, when HMRC  received nearly 445,000. The SA rush hour occurred between  4pm and  5pm on 31st January, when 37,460 returns – more than one every 6  seconds – were received by HMRC.

Penalties delayed

Although the 31st January deadline was unchanged, HMRC announced that no penalties would be issued for online returns received by midnight on 2nd February, due to industrial action at HMRC contact  centres.

David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, said:

“I am pleased that the extension to the filing deadline prevented people from being unfairly penalised if they were unable to speak to HMRC on the 31st.”   This statement is inaccurate as the deadline was not extended, simply HMRC promised not to fine anyone on 1st and 2nd February.  By filing late, the period known as the “enquiry window” is affected in favour of HMRC.

He also said “I’m delighted so many people filed their tax returns online this year. The record number proves that it’s quick, easy and secure to do.”  I wonder if he has ever used the HMRC portal?

Baubles *Merry Christmas*Festive filing

Many took advantage of the Christmas holidays to wrap up their  returns this year, with 1,100 people filing online on Christmas Day;  3,512 on Boxing Day; 11,648 on New Year’s Eve; and 8,935 on New  Year’s Day.

Perhaps this is an indication of multi-cultural Briton?


Missed the fun?

The filing deadline has now passed and  anyone who hasn’t yet  filed their 2010/11 tax return must send it to HMRC as soon as  possible, as well as pay any outstanding tax due for the 2010/11 tax  year.

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data source : HMRC press release

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