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Let´s Fly!Welcome to 2012!  I hope you have all had a well earned rest and have recharged your batteries in anticipation of a successful year ahead.

Everyone knows that “to fail to plan, is to plan to fail” and you should have by now reflected on your performance of last year and be making formal written plans for what you need to achieve this year to take a significant step towards, if not achieve your personal and business goals.

Whilst reviewing some social media posts at the tail end of last year, I came across the following message from John Hall of Enstrata and felt compelled to share it with you.

Do you share these Twelve Business Resolutions?

Here is a list generated at a ‘coffee’ conversation on business resolutions for 2012.

Could these be useful to forming your own resolutions?

The list below is not a complete list, and, as you may note, a couple will not be widely shared.

I have recorded them here in a general form. All you need to do is choose any appropriate ones and make them specific to your circumstances. Then add any others of your own.

The resolutions were of the form  ‘By the end of 2012 I will have…’

1)     Improved financial management and control.

2)     Gained more customers and…

3)     Improved how we gain new customers (social media etc).

4)     Talked to more customers about what they think of my / our business.

5)     Improved Business resilience to shocks (e.g. illness, core knowledge disappearing).

6)     Attacked wasted time as well as wasted money.

7)     Understood Corporate Social Responsibility and be able to explain what my business is doing about it.

8)     Personally shared more problems with trusted peers who can help.

9)     Improved utilisation of technology.

10)   Invested more time in acknowledging employee’s contribution.

11)   Learned some management methods to make life easier

12)   Gained a better work life balance.

Action required

At the coffee morning, we all recognised that this is a bit of a wish list. The feeling was that unless you identified problem areas, and acknowledged you needed to do something, you would not actively set about changing the status quo.

Then someone said that the same things appear on their wish list year after year……

The conversation moved on to why many business resolutions and personal resolutions fail.

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