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According to the expert nutritionist, Patrick Holford, vitamin C helps knock out viruses, both by inhibiting the virus itself, and by strengthening the body’s own immune response.

High doses of Vitamin C, have been proven to be non-toxic for both adults and children over many years.

The same cannot be said for this new generation of antiviral drugs.  One of the most alarming and rarely mentioned side-effects of Tamiflu (Swine Flu vaccine)  is bizarre psychiatric problems found in children treated with the drug, prompting the US FDA to recommend new warnings concerning these possible dangerous psychiatric side-effects.

Absorbent-C-596x1000-HIIt might be useful to have a supply of vitamin C at hand if a flu epidemic does break out. There is no harm in having 100 grams a day short-term, stopping once all symptoms are gone if you choose, after all vitamin C provides many benefits.

The trick with any infection is not to get it in the first place by keeping your immune system strong.  Patrick Holford takes vitamin C daily, as well as supplementing zinc and selenium on a daily basis. 


So consider a daily ‘swine flu’ preventative by drinking one of our Aloe Vera Gel Drinks (for excellent nutrition, detoxing, building your immunity, increasing energy levels, etc) plus taking supplements Absorbent C (for vitamin C), A-Beta-CarE for extra Selenium and a very powerful antioxidant, and Nature Min (for zinc and selenium).

Also, cut down on sugar as this restricts the performance of white blood cells, get plenty of sleep and avoid stress if possible.

If you need a quick immunity boost because you are surrounded by germ-ridden folk or you can feel the first stages of a cold, try Echinacea, I swear by it! (not suitable if you are pregnant)  Also, if you need an energy boost because fighting germs is tiring, you may want to consider a superfood such as bee pollen.

No quibble money back guarantee on all products

No quibble money back guarantee on all products

Did you know that Vitamin C is

– a powerful antioxidant

– involved in research into the prevention of heart disease and cancer

– amazing for skin as it increases the formulation of intercellular collagen

– necessary for the maintenance of healthy connective tissue

– water soluble and is secreted from the body.  Humans are unable to make their own and therefore need to find ways of consuming vitamin C to maintain adequate levels

– Science reports that one cigarette destroys 25mg of vitamin C and stress is known to heavily deplete the body of this essential vitamin.

– Deficiency can result in bleeding from small capillaries under the skin and gums and wounds heal more slowly.

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