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Steve Jobs and Bill GatesOn Thursday we heard the news that Steve Jobs died.

He was an incredible businessman, building not just Apple into a huge success, but also Pixar Studios, the creators of Toy Story.

Jobs said that his “goal was to put a dent in the universe, to make a mark in history”

He’s achieved that.  But how he achieved it is worth studying.


Apple don’t invent products…

…they figure out how to make products that people will love.

iApple PlanetPod was not the first mp3.  Sony, Creative and a few others created the market before Apple dominated.

iPhone was not the first smart phone.  Yet Palm, Blackberry and Nokia have all suffered through Apple’s innovation.

iPad was not the first tablet computer – Microsoft announced one around 2002, yet it took Apple to make it brilliant.

Apple create a fabulous user experience.  They do this so successfully that they have created a cult following for their products.  People even left flowers at Apple stores worldwide in memory of Jobs – that’s real customer loyalty.

Building Customer Loyalty

Practically every business owner I speak to tells me that their service is what makes them special.  But when asked what in their service that makes them special, they don’t know.

Domino’s let you track the progress of your pizza order online, with each step in the cooking of your dinner indicated by blocks that change colour on screen. It looks very cool and my 10yr old daughter loves it.  This will help them to keep their number 1 in the pizza takeaway business. It is also one of several deliberate innovations that make ordering pizza online from Domino’s a great customer experience. It is so easy to order exactly what you want that we choose Domino’s over other takeaway foods more often.  Like Apple’s products, it’s a joy to use.

Little innovations like this help your customers to be delighted with your service.  It keeps them loyal and your business profitable.

Look for ways to put your business to the front of the queue.  Make little improvements that mark you out from your competition.  Steal ideas from other industries.  But above all, do things that make your customers love you.

Make a dent in the universe.

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