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With eczema being such a common ailment in today’s society (as many as 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 years old suffers with eczema) I’m often asked which of Forever’s fantastic range of aloe and bee products should be tried, so I list below they key points for quick reference.

Aloe and bee propolis is an amazing combination as aloe is a natural healer and nutrient-rich superfood, helping the skin to recover whilst the propolis cleanses, moisturises and generally alleviates the itchiness.

Aloe Vera Gel Drink (nicknamed the miracle plant or healing plant)Aloe Vera Gel-compressedHI

  • Natural detoxer, cleanser
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Balances immune system

Aloe Propolis Crème (best for use on dry eczema)

  • Propolis is a natural antibiotic
  • Leaves protective barrier on skin
  • Helps with cold sores and acne, too
  • Principal ingredients are aloe vera gel and bee propolis, blended with chamomile and comfrey, two of nature’s best-known skin care herbs, together with vitamins A and E (for their natural skin conditioning properties

Aloe Gelly (best for use on ‘wet’ eczema)

  • First Aid application for all skin problems (including acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, prickly heat and sunburn)
  • Quickly absorbed and extremely soothing
  • It can relieve itching, swelling, pain, inflammation and soreness
  • Its germicidal action helps combat infections, while its soft texture lubricates and soothes wounded tissue in sensitive areas

Aloe Liquid Soap

  • No tears formula, pH controlled
  • Moisturising cleanser
  • Mild and non-irritating

Bath Gelee-197x343-HIBath Gelée

  • Gentle formula, kind to skin
  • Moisturising bath and shower gel
  • Herbal extracts act as natural diuretic

Aloe-Jojoba ShampooShampoo-283x700-HI

  • Mild cleansing shampoo
  • Relieves irritation from most scalp conditions
  • Suitable for all hair types

Moisturising Lotion

  • Moisturiser for face, hands and body
  • Does not contain lanolin, rich in texture

Forever Active Probiotic

  • Promotes a healthy digestive system
  • A unique combination of six shelf-stable beneficial strains of microbes.
  • An easy-to-swallow beadlet that enhances nutrient absorptionand immune function.
  • No refrigeration required.

MPD (Multi Purpose Detergent)

  • Excellent environmentally-friendly alternative to irritating washing powders
  • Contains no phosphorus

This is not a comprehensive list of the products that may help, it is intended to give an overview of the key products I would recommend to assist in the relief of eczema.  For example, I suffer with broken skin around my armpits, so the soothing, unperfumed deo-stick is a must and the Aloe First spray is great for cleansing sensitive, scaly skin.

To find out more about the products, visit our online shop or get in touch via email.

Fellow distributor Jane Rubin says

“Just to add my own experience – I have found that the Aloe Vera Gelly is the very best anti-itch formula. What I suggest to eczema sufferers is to use the Gelly at night, then after washing in the morning, apply a thin coat of Gelly followed by the Propolis Creme. The extra moisturising quality of these used together helps with the dryness of the affected areas, and the Propolis is so healing of the worst patches. The Aloe First is also excellent, especially if there is a large area to be covered.”

and Ruth Goodwin says

“My daughter is eight years old, and suffers with eczema. She’s drinks the gel daily and we mix together Aloe Propolis Creme and Aloe First to put on her skin, and find this combination makes the perfect consistency to stop the itching.”

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