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As an avid networker, I am constantly intrigued by “experts” offering networking advice to small business owners.

Personally, I have rarely struggled with networking.  In fact, I find it enjoyable and sometimes exhilarating, but I completely understand why for many it is an uncomfortable experience.

I recently read a blog post about being self-conscious when at networking events that I felt worthy of sharing with you, because it offers clear advice that I am in complete agreement with – It’s not about you!

To summarise the author, Liz Strauss writes:

“Everyone likes an intelligent, interested person who gives us true attention.
We all like people who ask meaningful questions and listen to how we answer them.
I learned that being that person makes walking into a room of strangers easier to do”

So, next time you are at a networking event, stretching your comfort zone, anxious and sweaty palmed, take the heat off yourself and focus on others and you will be surprised what an adept networker you will become.

For further tips on developing your networking skills, try “Joined Up Networking” by Heather Townsend.

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