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Go on, admit it, when you’ve bumped in to a Utility Warehouse distributor or an Aloe Vera fanatic at a networking meeting you have turned your nose up.  You considered your business more complex, more entrepreneurial, more successful – a proper business; after all these people have been dissolutioned by nothing more than a new variety of pyramid scheme, right?


Missing a trick?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing is a huge industry that is here to stay.  Company’s embrace the extremely effective and efficient way MLM gets products or services to the end user.  This creates higher margins that these ‘simple’ structures carefully distribute to everyone involved.

MLM businesses can be run on your own, or with your partner, full time, part time or in the ‘nooks and crannies’ of life.  It can provide you with an escape from your day to day life, a chance to meet lots of new friends and access to a huge amount of business training, but most of all MLM can provide you with an opportunity to take control.

My observations

  1. MLM participants are highly motivated, sociable and generally happy, contented people.
  2. Although you are running your own business on your own terms (subject to some guidelines set out by the MLM organisation you have chosen) you are never on your own.  The amount of support, training, friendship, storytelling and sharing of techniques is amazing.
  3. People who have not succeeded in MLM have not had the vision (dream, goals etc) to motivate themselves to plan and then put consistent effort in to generating opportunities.  Consistent could mean as little as 10 minutes a day – a ‘phone call, a blog post, a coffee with a potential team member.  How much time you devote is a personal decision, but consistency is key to momentum.  The other problem is unrealistic ideas about how quickly MLM can change lives, as with many things in life, MLM is a marathon not a sprint.
  4. Some serious amounts of money are being generated by people that are accessible to everyone.  MLM is not a corporate environment with a ‘fat cat’ board, the high earners in this industry understand that sharing experiences, coaching and encouraging participants helps everyone to achieve more.  The basic principles of leverage and synergy.

Embracing MLM

Next time you meet a MLM participant, remember that they have drive, passion, self-discipline and the spirit to take their destiny in to their own hands.  They are highly motivated team players who bend over backwards to help others and spend countless hours honing their skills.  Isn’t that person someone you would like to get to know?  Or perhaps someone you would like to work with?

The information provided in this blog illustrates my opinions and experiences, it does not constitute advice and I do not accept responsibility for any actions taken or refrained from as a result of reading this post.

Only those close to me know that I am one of the 10% of women of child-bearing age that suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but since it was one of the main reasons I got involved in distributing aloe vera and I now have a beautiful son, I feel ready to share my experiences in the hope of helping others that may be experiencing some or all of the many symptoms.

The biggest problem, in my view, is the lack of education which means that most women do not know they have PCOS until they struggle to conceive, believing that the symptoms are just a side effect of being a hormonal woman!  Once the symptoms are understood it is a relatively easy to problem to diagnose, but as far as I am aware, it can not be cured, only managed.

female symbolSo what is PCOS?

Literally Poly = Many, Cystic = cysts, small fluid-filled sacs.  These cysts produce androgens (hormones) which prevents the proper development of the follicles that hold and finally release an egg. 

In severe cases this means that the follicle is devoid of an egg, but in most cases the egg is underdeveloped or degenerated resulting in a failed pregnancy.

In short, the common signals of PCOS are:

  • acne (like a teenager) and generally poor skin condition
  • weight gain (often associated with menopausal women)
  • excessive or unusual hair growth (again like a teenage lad)
  • irregular menstrual cycles, perhaps occuring once every few months
  • cramping and/or heavy bleeding when menstruation does take place
  • irritability associated with hormone imbalance
  • difficulty in conceiving

Not everyone suffers from all of these and the symptoms vary in severity, but I have noticed that those who have a poor lifestyle or lack in emotional strength do suffer more.  For me, the most distressing element of this hormone related disorder was the high incidence of infertility and then just to be cruel, miscarriage. 

Famous sufferers include Julia Oliver (wife of Jamie) and Victoria Beckham, both of whom have managed to have healthy babies.

After the trauma of PCOS being confirmed by a blood test and an ultrasound  exam, I read as much as I could about PCOS (isn’t the internet fabulous?) and called my friend (now mentor) and set about a programme of management that could only be construed by an accountant! Haha! Now I look back, I can laugh at myself but I assure you I was very seriously affected by the realisation that my fertility could be hindered.

Over a period of about five months, I managed to reduce my cycle from 35-40 days to a more appropriate 28-30 days and to manage my acne and eczema in a more natural way, by learning to understand my body, improving my nutrition and committing to more exercise.  I have not had a weight issue, but I am now more conscious of this as I said at the beginning of this post, awareness and understanding is the most important factor.  You can not manage something you don’t understand.   

I am fortunate that I do not have a severe case, but it is a problem that stirs up many emotions none-the-less. If you would like to know how I have dealt with PCOS, I would be pleased to share this with you in confidence, please contact me.

Since writing this post I have discovered a lovely online forum for fellow sufferers.  Take a peek….

The information contained in this blog illustrates my opinions and experiences,it does not constitute medical advice and I do not accept responsibility for actions taken or refrained from as a result of reading this blog.


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