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Social media is full of tips, lists and top ten reasons to do or not to do something.¬† Here’s my contribution ūüėÜ

Top ten reasons to drink aloe vera gel

…that’s right, drink it! ¬†¬† Most people of heard of aloe vera and it’s brilliant soothing¬†effects on burns and skin complaints but many are unaware of the benefits to the skin on the inside of our bodies, such as the stomach lining, intestines etc.¬†

Aloe is an incredibly nutritious antioxidant, containing many vitamins and 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the human body, so it’s a perfect supplement to our nutrient lacking diets.Aloe Vera Gel-1604x2097-HI

10. Effect on the gut

Aloe Vera has a wonderfully beneficial action on bowel function which results in smooth and efficient transit of contents, often eradicating inconvenient colicky pain.

9. Assists in healthy digestion

A healthy digestive tract ensures that nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed into the bloodstream.  There is clear, clinical evidence that by drinking Aloe Vera gel the bowel is able to absorb these nutrients more efficiently, especially protein.  I also suspect that many other substances are much better absorbed under its influence.

8. Effect on gut flora

Aloe Vera is a natural ‘balancer’ in many areas and nowhere more so than the inside of the gut, where it tends to regulate the various bacteria and yeasts that inhabit it.

7. Effect on the skin

When they are first produced deep in the epidermis, skin cells are rather large and very much alive, but by the time they reach the surface after 21 Р28 days (in normal skin) they are a shadow of their former selves and are transformed into just thin flakes of keratin which eventually fall off.  Aloe Vera gel provides the essential nutrients to feed the basal cells.  Therefore the skin remains healthy and is able to perform its vital functions more efficiently Рas well as looking much better.

Texas Aloe Plantations-1065x1191-HI6. Increases the activity of fibroblasts

Fibroblasts are specialised cells found in the skin.  Their job is to produce fibre such as collagen and elastin.  These fibres give the skin its structure and of course, make it look plump and elastic.

5.  Antiviral activity

Within the mucilage layer of the aloe’s leaf which surrounds the valuable inner gel there is a long chain of sugar or polysaccharide.¬† This has the capability of being able to help us defend against attacks by various viruses, from the common cold to the more nasty viruses and could even help balance your immune system.

4.  Anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect

Among the substances that have been identified in Aloe Vera are several that are naturally anti-inflammatory and painkilling.  People who take it regularly often find that inflammatory conditions are greatly benefited.

3.  A useful source of minerals

Some of the minerals found in Aloe Vera include calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc.  This is because the plant tends to grow in areas where soils are rich in these minerals and its roots are able to absorb and deliver them to us in a very available form.

2.  A useful source of vitamins

Aloe Vera gel contains a large range of vitamins Рeven trace elements of vitamin B12 which is rarely found in plants.  Apart from vitamin A, it contains B-group vitamins, vitamin C and E as well as folic acid.  Many of these vitamins can not be stored by the body so we constantly need to top them up from the food we eat. 

1.  A general tonic for good health

By drinking Aloe Vera gel with all its amazing and important ingredients (that are often deficient in food) including 19 out of 20 amino acids needed by the human body and 7 of the 8 essential ones that cannot be made, the body is able to get enough nutrition to allow complex enzyme systems to work really well.  This means the body can function at 100%.  The net result being a wonderful feeling of well being.


Source:¬† List produced by Dr Peter Atherton MB ChB, DObst RCOG, FRCPG, of Forever’s highly acclaimed advsory board.horizontal-eagle

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