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Would you benefit from more energy, 

less joint discomfort or perhaps a better digestive system?

Do you suffer from arthritis, hayfever, IBS, exzema, diverticulitus, back pain, PMT, psoriasis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, sleep disorders, aching muscles or sore joints, depression, excess weight, fertility problems?  Our range of natural health and nutrition products can help.

Drinks-392-x-72-BannerIf you are lucky enough to be free of all of these nasty health problems, our products will make sure you are in tip-top condition, supplying you with more energy, great skin, hair and nails and most importantly make sure you don’t suffer in the future.

All our products are made from the highest quality, natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Bee Propolis, Vitamins and Minerals and come with a no quibble 60-day money back guarantee.  So what have you got to lose?


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Testimonial from Helen Stothard, January 2010

“Toni gave me some really good advice recently when I was particularly run down, her recommendations have kept me going when the usual winter colds and flu arrived.  Without her I would probably have been laid up and unable to work. I would happily recommend Toni, as she knows her products, and really seems to care about her Clients. I look forward to being her customer for many years to come.”

Unlimited opportunity to improve your LIFESTYLE

I am working with a team of people from all over the country, who want to be successful and enjoy life to the full. 

Whether this simply means being able to work around their family, create a work-life balance that suits them, save for a rainy day, or as for most of us nowadays, have a desire/need to top up a pension.  Whatever your idea of a ‘better life’ is, we can work together using tried and tested methodology to ensure YOU achieve YOUR goals.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop a regular income for part-time work.  It could be just a bit of pocket money (3-5 hours per week is ample, that’s just one evening a week or perhaps a few lunch hours) or with a little more effort, a chance to sack your boss! – work in your own time at your own pace to achieve a better lifestyle with an amazing company that offers freedom and personal development training in abundance.

Join our friendly, inspirational team, make friends and reap the benefits or our wonderful range of products.   

Who do you know that has an insecure job, is run ragged trying to balance a job with childcare or is in financial difficulty?  Please tell them what Hunters Health can provide them and ask them whether they are ready to CHOOSE SUCCESS.  If they are, they should contact me without delay, all I need is 30 minutes of their time.


Feeling Sociable? 

I’m looking for sociable people to host ‘Aloe Awareness Evenings’.  A great opportunity to learn about the fabulous benefits of aloe, with friends in your own home.  This is not a sales event like party plan, the focus is on awareness and helping your friends and family to lead healthier lives.  If however, the evening does inspire someone to order products within a week of the event, the host will receive 10% of sales to spend on products and may qualify for other incentives.

Please contact me via Skype : tonimhunter, email :, or call 07714 616451 for more information or to arrange an event.


  1. Toni Hunter says:

    Limited edition product brochure giving gift and packaging ideas now available at

  2. Emma Pattison says:

    I’ve just had a few days testing Forever Living products thanks to Toni Hunter at Hunter’s Health . I would completely recommend them! I loved the aloe gel which helped sooth the scratches my 4 year old sustained from the cat – he called it his magic gel lol. I have very dry skin on my hands and the Aloe moisturising lotion glided on and sank in leaving my skin feeling silky smooth but without the greasy/stickiness you can get with some moisturisers. I also loved the bath gelee which made shaving my legs a doddle and the shampoo and conditioner contains natural stuff so you’re not plying your hair with nutrient and oil stripping chemicals. The hubby tried the gentlemen’s lotion for after shaving and he says it absorbed brilliantly and left his face without the sore feeling he gets after shaving. I am so impressed with the products that I have put in an order. Thanks Toni!

  3. Tania hope says:

    I’ve just got my box of goodies from Toni and OMG they smell lovely. I have already applied the lotion to my very dry and sore hands and was amazed how it absorbs very quick with no greasy or sticky feeling like normal products. I highly recommend it to anyone. Good work Toni

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