.gov.ukIf you have tried to use the Commission’s website recently you will have noticed that you were redirected to .gov.uk.

Refresh or downgrade?

Along with most government run institutions like HMRC and DVLA, the Commission’s website has been moved to this umbrella site and been given the familiar black and white treatment. Unfortunately it also seems that what was a reasonable source of information with relatively user-friendly functionality has been dumbed down.

Guidance valuable

In a time when the commission has, due to budgetary pressure and criticism by the National Audit Office over performance, been instructed to act more as a regulatory body than a support organisation, the ability to find good quality guidance online is paramount to Trustees who take on an already onerous role without remuneration.

320px-SMirC-thumbsdown.svgWasted resource

Much of the expertise held by the team at the Commission is being wasted by redirecting resources to regulatory activities. This is a real shame and the ethos to “serve and add value” to the sector is definitely being compromised.


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