I am a great believer in focusing on things in life I can control, or at least influence.  I have never understood friends and colleagues whose mood on a Monday morning reflects the results of their beloved football club that weekend.  They are investing emotional energy in to something that they have no influence at all over.

I am sure there is more to sport that I simply don’t understand and I accept it has entertainment value and that personal time to unwind is crucial; but imagine what you could achieve if your time, money and emotions were invested in YOU?  Your behaviour is something you can control.


decision cubeLife is a continuous flow of decisions, and very few of us have the privilege of time on our hands.

I have often heard it said that “we all have the same 24 hours in each day” so why is it some of us manage that time better than others?  Why are some of us so much more successful than others?  I don’t know, I am not a consultant in that field, but I do know that by giving things I cannot control very little priority I can focus on choices that deliver happiness, success and personal satisfaction.


In my personal life this can be simple things such as lying on my youngest son’s bed helping him to colour in a cartoon character or reading a story.  It can be teaching my eldest son tricks to help him develop his confidence with Maths, or sitting on the side-line of a cold and wet Rugby pitch each Sunday morning.  I know that this investment in bonding with them and developing their characters will provide the family with happiness for many years to come.


In business, this focus on what I can control can be seen in my communication with my team and my attention to managing my network of clients, professional contacts and networking colleagues.  I also invest in a coach who ensures that I am accountable to my own goals and helps me to improve sales techniques, time management challenges and dealing with difficult people.

KPIsOf course traditional KPI’s (key performance indicators) such as margins, productivity, sales budgets, customer payment trends and improving customer satisfaction should be at the heart of any business owners agenda, but these are only of use if (perhaps with the help of their accountant or business coach) they can find ways to positively influence the results they achieve, otherwise they are simply a way of benchmarking your success (and failures).  You see, without focus on the areas you can personally control, monitoring KPI’s can actually be demotivating or even destructive.  You may inadvertently find yourself using external forces such as the economic climate as an excuse for not meeting your targets.


What could you focus on that would influence your success or that of your family in the short term and long term?


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