52873351bc40c-The-Naughty-Step-Childrens-Wall-StickerThe Charity Commission has recently sent final warnings to over 70  charities, who have failed to submit annual reports or accounts for at least two of the last five years.

Previous warnings ignored

According to reports, each of the charities has an annual income exceeding £250,000; and have been contacted previously by the Charity Commission and were told that they will be tarnished with the “double defaulters” black mark if the continue to fail to meet reporting deadlines.

Charity status at stake

Those with this indelible black mark will with out doubt be top of the list when it comes to selecting organisations for inspection and could easily jeopardise their charity status if they fail to satisfy the Commissions inquiries.

Support is at hand

Always with you ! (Explore 19/5/13)As the holder of an ICAEW issued Diploma in Charity Accounting, I can help these forlorn organisations to get back on track, develop robust systems and to publish accounts that demonstrate public benefit and inspire stakeholders to continue their support.

Make sure your organisation’s charitable status is never in doubt. 


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