AAAARRRGGGHHHWhen this happens it’s hard not to start justifying our price or getting outraged and walking away.

So, how else could you handle it?



Example one:

two_people_talkingBuyer: You are more than twice the price of the other company we are talking too.

Salesperson: Of course I’m disappointed, but I appreciate your courtesy in telling us that you’re going with them

Buyer: I didn’t say that

Salesperson: I’m surprised. If they do the same things we can do for half our price it would seem like the logical conclusion that you would go with them?

Buyer: Well they don’t do exactly the same thing

Salesperson: But for your purposes, is it fair to assume they do what you need?

Buyer: Yes I think they do, but it’s a one-man band and I’m not sure how long they will be around

Salesperson: You know we want to work with you but you should do what’s in your best interest

Buyer: Well David has told me good things about you and if I go with them it means more risk if its doesn’t work out


Example Two:

yellow triangleDraw a triangle with one of these words on each corner: Effective, Easy to use, Cheapest.

Explain to your buyer that most people want something that’s easy to use, very effective and cheap.
There are people who will tell you that they can do all three but that’s not true.  You can pick two but in reality no-one does all three.  So, which two are most important?


This tip was offered to you by Caroline Robinson of Sandler Training in Cambridge.

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