remember to thank all the books you haven´t read over the past three yearsIt is obvious that the more skills and knowledge you have the better, but is it really that important to engage in academia?   After all there are many “uneducated” muliti-millionaire business entrepreneurs in the world.

This is what Arron Stevens of Degree Jungle thinks.


Business ownership comes with a steep price including time, money and effort.

Many small business owners lose in the race to compete in an industry because they lack the proper training, experience and/or accountability to create a competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurs in College

College is the basis for discovering your personality, passions and opportunities in your studies.

Details for a business idea often begin and are acquired from involvement in work internships and experience in a chosen field while in school.

Based on research data, if the business owner receives proper training, he or she will have the knowledge to plan each step for starting and developing a business.

Reasons to Take A Step Back

Owning a business is a part of the many people’s dream, but it’s also a reality check if you’re not ready.  Your business deserves careful thought and demands leadership, expertise and knowledge of industry expectations.

A business degree from today’s colleges works towards enhancing the workforce’s capabilities to explore ideas, develop plans and execute profitable, worthy companies. You may think your plan is the best in the league, but are you ready to face the heat of entrepreneurship?

Tell the Truth

Do you know the history of business? Are you familiar with business laws, accounting principles, tax regulations and human resource management?

If not, your business and workforce may waste time, resources and intellectual capital in solving business problems.  A business degree gives you an edge in solving problems, developing a vision and acquiring skills necessary to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Just Full Of IdeasIf you own a business now, you may need to consider a degree to increase your competitiveness.

You will learn the outline of business operations, how to work efficiently and effectively; you also develop the proper critical thinking skills to evaluate opportunities the right way – your way, with a twist.

Get ahead of your competition

Skills learned in the classroom can be applied to your actual business ideas, plans and current position in the markets.

Think about it. Whatever you knew two years ago may no longer apply in today’s business world.

The knowledge, skills and education behind business ownership is changing as time progresses; consider earning your degree to get started on beating out the competition today.

Guest Author: Arron Stevens is a professional blogger and business coach.

His goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve business success.

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What’s your view?

As many of you know, I left school with average GCSE grades, so it was a good job I didn’t have any inclination to go to University!  However, I do believe in continuous education and personal development, being as efficient as you can and distinguishing yourself from “the rest”.  I have devoted a significant part of my adult life learning from others and from various forms of education and can with out a doubt say that I would not have achieved many of the personal and business goals that I am so proud of, without that investment.

What do you think?

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  1. Chris Markham says:


    My name is Chris Markham and I’m a learning addict. I’m happy to admit that: publicly.

    When I’m getting to grips with something fiendishly complex and difficult and I come up with a new view and a better understanding, it is a hairs standing up on the back of the neck moment. The man with the tricky to pronounce name Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it Flow, so sometimes learning just for the sake of learning can be utterly stimulating if that’s your bag.

    But learning for running a business is probably THE most important skill there is. When you run your own business, or are a key player in a small business, you need not only to do your core job but you also need to be good at sales and marketing and a bit of IT and financial management and managing people and social media and the list goes on and on. But being immersed in your own business can mean you lose sight of the longer-term objective, so as Aaron suggests, a business degree can help give you that wider perspective.

    The hours I toiled away (when I could have been goofing off) studying for my law degree then Masters in Business all those years ago did a lot to prepare me for running my own business, and for helping others do the same. But no amount of study ever prepares you for the reality.

    If you want to study business alongside running a business, why not do it part-time so you can apply what you are learning to improve your own company. You don’t even have to study officially: there are so many outstanding books on business available today you can run your own course. My latest recommendation is the Lean Startup by Eric Ries: treat everything as an experiment and use the learning.


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