The following information are extracts from notes of a presentation by Dr Peter Atherton our resident GP and Aloe research expert on bee pollen and bee propolis, for your interest / education.

Bee Propolis

This is a resin that is collected by bees from the buds of mainly poplar, willow and birch trees. This resin is mixed with their own saliva to form propolis (red in colour). “Propolis” (which is taken from the Greek phrase “defence in front of the city” is a ‘glue’ that maintains and protects the edge of the hive. Any trespassers into the hive are mummified by the propolis to keep the hive clean. Products taken from the hive – propolis, pollen and royal jelly – are coming from an environment that is more sterile than the average operating theatre!!

The propolis is a very powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent. In research (lab conditions) it has the ability to do away with MRSA and TB, because of its antibacterial property!! It is contained in toothgel, propolis cream and in the bee propolis tablets. The cream is fantastic for skin conditions, eg itchy skin, eczema etc. 2 or 3 tablets per day (or even more when a customer is unwell) will help the body’s immune system.

Bee Pollen – nature’s perfect food

This has been described as “the food of the Gods” since it contains just about everything for the human body to survive on. Specifically it contains:-

  • 25% pure protein
  • 18 amino acids including ALL the essential ones
  • more than 12 vitamins
  • 28 minerals
  • 11 enzymes or co-enzymes
  • 14 beneficial fatty acids
  • 11 carbs


  • energy
  • and quickly!! Take 2 tablets for immediate effect or take one tablet 3 times per day for general increase in energy levels (don’t take too late in the evening though if you want to sleep!)

Excellent for:-

  • people who are stressed 
  • people who suffer from hay fever, ME and MS

There are two types of pollen. Light and Heavy. Light pollens are wind-blown and this is what affects hay fever sufferers. It is the heavy pollen that is collected by bees. So hay fever sufferers can ingest the heavier pollen safely.

The doctor advises that hay fever sufferers should start taking tablets 6-8 weeks before their hay fever season starts. In terms of dosage there is no set amount…you cannot overdose. Three tablets per day – one before each meal is recommended.

Testimonials from happy customers 

“I’ve developed a really painful ulcer behind my lip. It hurt for days and in vain I waited to it for go. I literally could not eat anything without pain. I put a tiny amount of Bee Pollen over night on it and in the morning I had no pain. The second night I repeated the procedure and the ulcer was gone!”   by Angela Nowak

“My colleague and her mum, have been plagued by chilblains on their feet for years. After using Aloe Propolis Creme for three consecutive days, both of them have reported the itching and swelling has completely disappeared. My colleague then stopped using the cream for two days, whilst her mum continued, just to see what happened. Low and behold the itching returned, but her mum stayed fine. Needless to say, they both now massage Aloe Propolis Creme into their feet as part of their daily routine.”  by Sally Milsom

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An Interesting article written for the arthritis trust on the value of bee pollen and suggests it is “The Perfect Food”

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